How-to Video: TRAVELALL Utility Water Systems


How do I obtain scheduled service for my RoyaleRV motor home?

Your assigned Factory Support Representative will be available by text, phone, or email to assist with your service scheduling at the Haverhill Massachusetts factory or at remote service locations. Your representative knows your motor home and also can act as a technical support expert for repair facilities.

How do I obtain unscheduled service for my RoyaleRV motor home while I’m on the road?

Newly purchased RoyaleRV vehicles come standard with one year of roadside assistance, and are also covered by Mercedes Benz roadside assistance during the vehicle’s OEM warranty period. Your RoyaleRV complies with the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association certification program, is easy to service, and comes with service guides and diagrams that enable it to be serviced by hundreds of local RV service centers nationwide at your convenience. When you purchase a RoyaleRV you are assigned a Factory Support Representative to assist you and who will be available by text, phone, or email.

Who do I call if I just have a flat or run out of fuel?

The Mercedes Roadside Assistance Program can help you get back on the road by replacing a flat tire with a spare, jumpstarting a dead battery, providing 3 to 5 gallons of fuel if you run out, or arranging a tow in the event of an accident or mechanical failure. If you need help, call 1-800-367-6372 and Assistance Personnel will be dispatched directly to your location.

How tall is my RoyaleRV TRAVEALL 24?

The overall height with rooftop components is 9 feet 10 inches.

What should I use to clean my RoyaleRV Ultraleather seats and upholstery?

Wipe up spills as soon as possible after they occur, then clean with soap and water. Sanitize the surface using a disinfectant such as a solution of 1 part bleach to 5 parts water; for stubborn stains, wipe off with isopropyl alcohol as soon as possible. Thoroughly rinse all solution residues with clean water, then air dry.

What should I use to clean my RoyaleRV flooring?

For normal cleaning, first brush off loose dirt. Prepare a solution of water and mild soap such as dishwashing liquid or household cleaner, then apply a small amount of the water and soap mixture, and clean with a soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residues are removed, then air dry.

For heavy cleaning, prepare a solution of 1 cup bleach and 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of clean water. Apply a small amount of the bleach and soap mixture, then blot stain with a sponge or clean towel. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residues, then air dry.

How can I monitor the systems on my RoyaleRV?

Monitoring the onboard systems of your RoyaleRV is as simple as glancing at one of the integrated touchscreens. Easily verify information ranging from water tank storage levels and battery level, to solar / shore power charging states, to inside and outside temperatures, and much more. Customers who purchase the mobile interface controller can also access the information via smart phone or tablet.

What is a Battery Management System? Do I need to maintain it?

The Battery Management System automatically monitors the status of the battery, making sure it is healthy and always safe to operate so you never have to think about it. The system is seamlessly integrated into the power system, and is always working; it needs little to no maintenance.

How and when do I fill my freshwater tank?

The freshwater tank of your RoyaleRV can be filled through the water inlet available within the accessory panel located on the driver’s side exterior of your RV. It should be filled as needed to accommodate the expected uses for your recreational activities, which will be different for each user. The tank holds 26 gallons of fresh potable water, which can be used for drinking, showering, using the sink, or the restroom use while on the go. The tank fill levels can be monitored using the onboard touchscreen, or from your mobile app (if you have purchased the mobile interface controller). When visiting an RV park with a municipal water connection, this can substitute for water in the onboard tanks.

What is Shore Power and how and when do I use it?

“Shore Power” is the name used to refer to an electrical connection made between a mobile vehicle, such as a boat or RV, and a stationary power source as found in a marina, an RV park, or even your or a friend’s home. When you’re parked, a shore power connection allows you to use power-consuming devices and accessories in your RV without draining your batteries or fuel, and can also recharge your lithium battery as needed. Your RoyaleRV supports a 30 amp Shore Power connection (30A, 120V). The plug is unique and designed to only fit compatible outlets found in most RV parks.

How do I dispose of waste?

Your RoyaleRV makes dealing with waste as clean and simple as possible. The onboard touchscreen allows you to monitor the fill level of your Freshwater, Graywater, and Blackwater tanks quickly and easily while on the go, so you will always know when it is time to dump or fill.

To drain wastewater, you’ll use the 17 foot drain hose is located on the driver side of the truck. Simply place the hose into an appropriate sewage drain and use the external accessory switch panel to select and drain the desired tank(s). When completed, you’ll use the touch-free electric hose retractor to stow the hose.

It’s easy to find a dump or dump and fill station. Most RV parks will offer both dump and fresh water fill capability, and many rest stops, truck stops, and gas stations near highways also have dump stations. A quick Internet search will often return results for your local area; you can also visit dedicated RV websites such as:

How much diesel fuel will my cooktop and heating system use?

The fuel-fired systems of your RoyaleRV are very fuel-efficient. One gallon of fuel will yield approximately 20 to 40 hours of cooking time, depending on how the stovetop is used.

The heating system can be used anywhere from 6 to 25 hours per gallon of fuel. The wide range depends on the thermostat settings and ambient weather. With a 24.5-gallon tank, your RoyaleRV can provide heat for many days without the need to refuel.

Will my RoyaleRV run out of fuel if I use my stovetop and heater too long?

While not recommended, your RoyaleRV has enough fuel onboard to run the stove for 350+ hours—equivalent to 24 hours a day for 15+ days. As a safety feature, neither the stove nor the heating system will drain the fuel tank below 6 gallons, leaving you plenty of reserve to get back on the road and refuel.