RoyaleRV Battery Status, Power Insights to Cure Range Anxiety

TRAVELALL 24 Heating SystemHaverhill, MA – May 23, 2023 – The RoyaleRV standard Battery Status Screen provides important information about the battery system and its current state. Here are some of the features and the significance of each parameter:

  • Charging or Discharging
    This indicates whether the batteries are currently receiving power from an external source (charging) or supplying power to the RV's electrical system (discharging).
  • Battery Temperature
    This parameter displays the temperature of the batteries. Monitoring the battery temperature is crucial as extreme temperatures can affect the performance of the batteries.
  • Shore Power Connection
    It indicates whether the RV is currently connected to an external power source, such as a shore power pedestal at a campground. When connected to shore power, the batteries can be charged, and the electrical system can draw power without relying solely on the batteries.
  • Solar Panel Output
    This feature shows the amount of power being generated by the RV's solar panels. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, providing a renewable source of energy to charge the batteries. The displayed value gives an insight into the current solar energy contribution to the battery system.
  • Engine Auto Start
    This parameter indicates whether the auto start feature for the RV's engine is enabled. Auto start allows the engine to automatically turn on and charge the batteries when their charge level drops below a certain threshold. This feature is particularly useful when camping in remote locations with limited access to shore power.

Using this information, the system estimates the actual expected battery life or "range" based on the current usage. By analyzing the charging or discharging rate, voltage, battery temperature, and input from solar panels and engine auto start, the system can calculate the rate at which the batteries are being charged or discharged. With this information, it estimates how long the batteries are likely to last before requiring a recharge, taking into account the current electrical load and available power sources. This estimation helps users plan their energy usage and take appropriate measures to ensure a sufficient power supply throughout their journey.

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