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What is a Touring Coach? And Why Do I Want One?

Do you dream of embarking on the open road, experiencing awe-inspiring landscapes and picturesque sceneries, miles and miles away from civilization? For many, this is where your dream road trip can come true. But for some, the thought of driving an RV can be a bit overwhelming. This is where a touring coach, a more compact and easier-to-handle alternative to the traditional RV, comes in. At Cabot Coach Builders, we offer superior quality touring coaches designed to deliver a comfortable and practical travel experience. … Read More 

RoyaleRV Battery Status, Power Insights to Cure Range Anxiety

The RoyaleRV standard Battery Status Screen provides important information about the battery system and its current state. Here are some of the features and the significance of each parameter: charging or discharging, battery temperature, shore power connection, solar panel output, engine auto start. … Read More 

RoyaleRV, Introduces Revolutionary TRAVELALL 24 Heating System

RoyaleRV, a leading manufacturer of luxury vehicles, today unveiled the TRAVELALL 24 heating system, the latest addition to its line of cutting-edge RV technologies. The TRAVELALL 24 represents a groundbreaking advancement in RV heating technology, maximizing efficiency and battery life by offering three heating sources: passive heat generated from the vehicle engine, heat produced from a diesel fuel fired furnace, and electric heat from shore power or the lithium battery. … Read More 

RoyaleRV introduces new high-tech Smart Integration System for the TRAVELALL 24

RoyaleRV, a leading manufacturer of high-end recreational vehicles, is proud to announce the launch of its new Smart Integration System, exclusively available in the TRAVELALL line of class B recreational vehicles. This innovative system simplifies the management of various amenities in the vehicle, providing an unmatched level of convenience and ease of use for RV enthusiasts. … Read More 

Cabot Coach Builders Announces RoyaleRV, and its First Class-B RV, the Sprinter TRAVELALL 24

Cabot Coach Builders, Inc., the parent company of Royale Limousines, Royale Passenger Vans Division (Mercedes-Benz Sprinters & Ford Transit vans), Cabot Specialty Vehicles, and constructor and upfitter of the customized Lincoln Coach-door limited edition, is pleased to announce a new specialty division, RoyaleRV, and its first Class-B RV, the Sprinter TRAVELALL. … Read More 

RV Systems – The Basics

Dive in to these tutorials about RV systems from expert RVers. Learn everything you need to know about water lines, electrical lines, propane, RV stabilizers, black water and sewer systems, winterization, and more. … Read More 

9 Essential Tips To Know Before Hitting The Road In Your RV

There are an estimated 56 million people planning to take an RV trip this summer and even more looking into the fall and winter for road travel. Many of them are new to RVing. “We’ve seen so many first-timers come into the market in the last year and a half,” says Monika Geraci, spokesperson for the RV Industry Association. … Read More 

Flats Over® Unveils The RV Safety Band® Rubber Run-Flat Device At RV Aftermarket Conference

Flats Over®, a recognized international manufacturer of rubber run-flat inserts for the vehicle armoring industry since 2003, introduced their new product for the RV market at the 50th RV Aftermarket Conference held by the RV Industry Association in Atlanta, GA from August 9th to 12th. … Read More 

Caravan Salon 2021 Virtual Technology Day

Join the world’s largest RV show, Caravan Salon – virtually through FREE Zoom web sessions and learn more about exhibitors’ latest innovations and products from the Technology & Components Sector—even if attendees can’t be there themselves! Caravan Salon’s product showcase will be held virtually on September 1st from 3pm – 7pm Central Eastern Standard Time (9am – 1pm ET). … Read More 

Labor Day Camping Projected To Surpass Memorial Day And July Fourth Holiday Activity

The KOA Monthly Research Report – August Edition indicates that 28.46 million households across North America plan to camp over the Labor Day/Labour Day holiday. This represents a 60% increase in camping households over Memorial Day Weekend and 44% more than Fourth of July. … Read More 

Outside’s Top Tips and Tricks for New RVers

Outside Magazine and Go RVing joined forces to create a series of how-to videos and tips and tricks for new RVers. You will find recommendations on the essential tools every RVer should have, tips for greener RVing, camping etiquette and being a responsible RVer, tech tools to save you time, and how to find a legal dispersed campsite. … Read More