How do I begin the process of buying a RoyaleRV motor home?

Making an investment in a RoyaleRV is a big decision. We can meet with you in person, on the telephone, or on a zoom meeting to talk about which product and equipment most fits your needs. Once we agree on the product and price, we will send you a detailed sales order by DocuSign for you to e-sign. You can sign it and send us the required deposit by wire transfer or check. We will then schedule your RoyaleRV, frequently update you during the build process, and notify you once it is built and ready go. Full payment must be made before final delivery.

Do you sell the van and the upfit, or do I have to buy the van separately?

We provide the complete package. We buy hundreds of vans, so we get special pricing from all the OEMs. Your price includes the van at our low cost, saving you money.

How can I test-drive a RoyaleRV motor home?

We welcome you to visit us at our factory and Corporate Headquarters to test drive a motor home and take a tour of our manufacturing facility. We also offer virtual vehicle and factory tours. It’s best if you can visit us, but in some cases a representative can come to you.

How long will it take to build my RoyaleRV motor home once I place my order?

We may have something in stock, but more likely your motor home will be built to order. When you place your order, your sales representative will provide you with an estimated build time based on other orders in the build process, and supplier backlogs.

I am new to motor homes; how can I educate myself on the RoyaleRV motor home?

When you purchase a RoyaleRV you are assigned a Factory Support Representative to assist and educate you on your new motor home. Your representative will be available for general operational questions by text, phone or email. We also post “How To” videos on our website detailing many of the features of a RoyaleRV.

How do I obtain scheduled service for my RoyaleRV motor home?

Your assigned Factory Support Representative will be available by text, phone or email to assist with your service scheduling at the Haverhill Massachusetts factory or at remote service locations. Your representative knows your motor home and also can act as a technical support expert for repair facilities.

How do I obtain unscheduled service for my RoyaleRV motor home while I’m on the road?

Newly purchased RoyaleRV vehicles come standard with one-year of roadside assistance and are also eligible for Mercedes Benz roadside assistance during the vehicle’s OEM warranty period. Your RoyaleRV complies with the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association certification program, is easy to service, and comes with service guides and diagrams that enable it to be serviced by hundreds of local RV service centers nationwide at your convenience. When you purchase a RoyaleRV you are assigned a Factory Support Representative to assist you and will be available by text, phone, or email.

What is smart motor home technology?

Your RoyaleRV features a smart integration system as standard equipment, designed to simplify how your vehicle’s amenities are managed, allowing you to focus your attention on rest and relation. Monitoring and managing the logistics of some RVs can be overwhelming for many first-time owners, but your RoyaleRV brings everything to one place and is designed to be convenient and intuitive. Heating, cooling, water, waste, ventilation, low ambient compensation, onboard power systems, lights, and more can be managed from inside the vehicle through a touch screen interface, or optionally from your phone or computer when the RV has an active internet connection. An onboard LTE WiFi modem means staying connected has never been easier.

I’m not app savvy, will this RV be difficult to operate?

Your RoyaleRV is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, with a focus on providing a satisfying user experience. While nearly everything in your RoyaleRV can be controlled through the touchscreen, we recognize that sometimes you just want to flip a light switch for a quick trip to the bathroom instead of navigating menus on a screen. We have tried to incorporate the simplest design while also unlocking full control and functionality in an intelligent way.

Can I upgrade to Lithium Batteries?

Your RoyaleRV includes Lithium batteries as a standard option. Lithium batteries last longer and deliver more power for longer periods of time compared to conventional flooded or AGM batteries—allowing you to enjoy more time traveling and less time worrying about power.

Are Lithium Batteries safe?

Not all Lithium batteries are equal. Many car companies choose Lithium-Cobalt based batteries to power their vehicles, prioritizing maximum range and speed above all else. RoyaleRV is currently using only Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries that rely on the safest of all Lithium chemistries. Additionally, the Lithium battery in your RoyaleRV is automatically controlled by a dedicated safety management system, is built with internal backup safety measures, and has been UL certified.

How long will the Lithium battery last?

Your RoyaleRV is designed with a long-life Lithium battery and a carefully designed total power system to maximize time spent away from home. Appliances have been optimized for power efficiency, including an air conditioner that can be operated directly from the lithium battery without wasteful power conversion. A fully charged battery is capable of powering comfort amenities throughout the night without the need to plug in. The battery can be charged from multiple sources including shore power plug-in, onboard solar panels, or a dedicated alternator installed with the vehicle’s engine. Your Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC quiet diesel engine will charge your lithium battery system while you drive or can be auto-started as needed while you sleep when staying off-grid for extended periods. Also, the life expectancy of Lithium batteries is three to seven times longer than AGM batteries.

Do I need propane for my RoyaleRV? Is that an option?

Absolutely not! Your RoyaleRV is carefully designed without the dependence on propane that typical RVs require. Gone are the days of making extra stops on your road trip; the only fuel you need is the readily available diesel required by your Mercedes engine. Heat, air conditioning, refrigeration, cooktop, and even hot water are all available for use without the need for propane. A surprising feature is that the heat, hot water, and cooktop are also designed to have a low power drain on the electrical system, giving you freedom from propane, freedom from generator noise, and independence while enjoying remote places.

What other options should I get?

Cabot Coach Builders has a long history of customizing vehicles with options and features to suit any customer’s needs. At this time RoyaleRV is including all options available for the RV product lines in every one of our motor homes. If you would like to remove a feature or add a new one, please call us and a sales representative will be happy to discuss it with you.

Is the RoyaleRV Sprinter hard to drive?

The RoyaleRV motor home is a Mercedes-Benz and is loaded with driver convenience and safety features. It is comfortable, easy to drive, has large mirrors, a back up monitor and fits in normal parking spaces. It’s outfitted as you would expect a Mercedes-Benz to be, with driver safety features including active distance assist, active lane keeping assist, blind spot assist, and attention assist. Mercedes comfort features include heated driver and passenger seats, electrically adjusted driver and passenger seats, and comfort air suspension—to name only a few. However, some models may lack these features due to model availability.

How long has RoyaleRV been in business?

RoyaleRV, a Cabot Coach Builders company, has been upfitting vehicles for 38 years. We manufacture limousines, vans, shuttle buses, mobile medical, and media vans. We know our way around upfitting vans with state of the art electronics, luxurious trim and extreme quality. We are certified by all the major OEMs including Mercedes Master Upfitter, Ford QVM, General Motors CMC, NTEA VIP, and now the RVIA Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. 

Where is the RoyaleRV motor home factory?

Our factory is located in Haverhill, in northeastern Massachusetts, 45 minutes north of Boston. The closest commercial airports are in Boston, 45 minutes away, and in Manchester NH, 35 minutes away. The closest private airport is in Lawrence Massachusetts, 15 minutes away.

What kind of fuel economy should I expect in a RoyaleRV Sprinter motor home?

Sprinter Fuel Economy numbers vary with use and load but are generally best in class. You will average between 12–14 mpg in city driving and 18–20 mpg on the highway.

Do you offer seasonal storage?

We offer seasonal storage at our Haverhill Massachusetts facility. Drop off your RoyaleRV motor home at the end of the season and we will winterize it, store it, and then get it ready for your next adventure.

I found a used Sprinter; can you make that into my RoyaleRV motor home?

No. Due to Mercedes Master Upfitter program and RVIA regulations, and our own quality standards, we will not upfit a used Sprinter.